The Knights of Columbus #4044 of Fairview, has had a clown unit for more than 25 years. In past years, we have had six to twelve charity clowns available to do clown gigs.  We will perform at birthday party’s, Christmas party’s, parades and many charity functions.

We do not charge, but ask for a donation to pay for our balloons and make-up.

Our clown names are Rick(Joker)Petit, Arnie(Sparky)Craven, Mike (Rainbow)LaFleur, Tom (Patches)Kelly, Tom (Razzle)Nowak, Bill (KuKu) Blodgett.

If you are interested in booking a party, small or large, you can contact us through this web site, or call our Gig co-ordinator KuKu at 413-967-5740.


Thank you,

Rick (Joker) Petit