Grand Knight

Norman Fleury

Financial Secretary
Joe Turgeon

Edward Stawarz

After many months of discussion at the officers’ meetings, we have reached a consensus on how we should deliver our monthly newsletter to your homes and businesses more efficiently and economically.  Obviously, it will be a departure from how we do business.  Beginning in July, there will be three methods to receive your newsletter.  One will be to have the newsletter delivered to you via email.  If you prefer, you can access the newsletter from our web site.  Another option would be to pick up your newsletter in the members’ lounge. We will continue to print the newsletter, we will only be eliminating the costly mailing and associated costs.
 This change will enable us to notify you of late breaking news such as illnesses or deaths of brother knights or family members.  Please be assured that your personal information will remain secure and will only be used for Knights of Columbus business.  By eliminating the mailings, the council will realize a $16,000 savings.
 Bob Gaudrault, our computer consultant, has made it very convenient for members to add their "edress" to the data base. Simply click on the Email button below and it will start up you email. The subject will already be in there , all you have to do is put your NAME,  MEMBERS #, and EMAIL ADDRESS in the body of the text. I will put your Email address in a data base so when the News Letter comes out, you will get it right away by your Email. Another method is to go to the web page and click on the NEWSLETTER button, and you can print it if you like right from the web page.
Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.

If you are using AOL, HotMail, or any other 3rd party web browser and not OutLook Express you will have to send this Email address in your browser to
Thank You.